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Last night was awful.

Ok so… the original plan was that Steve and I were going to go to his aunt’s house and leave there early enough to go to the Italian festival and after that even though it would have been late, we would meet my mom and sisters up at the vacation spot… after we were at his aunts house for a little while, We decided In the afternoon that it wasn’t a good idea to go because it was lightly drizzling and it looked like it was going to rain more. So we stayed at his aunts house a little later and I assumed that we would still leave a little early so we would be able to meet my family in good timing. But yeah I don’t want to sound selfish or anything but I really did enjoy myself with his family but I planned for some family time too. The only thing that got me a little ticked was the fact that I always try to accommodate everyone but it never works out. I just wanted to hang out and then meet up with my family with my honey, but instead he’s home alone, his family is at his house, and I drove almost 2 hrs by myself in the dark for the first time anywhere… yeah it was pretty terrifying. Nothing ever works in my favor and it’s annoying. I hate to complain but seriously I can’t sleep without getting this off my chest. Ps. When I got to the vacation house it was too late to even do anything I sat on the porch for a half an hr while I waited for one of my sisters or mom to wake up and open the door for me. They didn’t even open the door I managed to get in open a Crack to wake them up, it was pretty much bolted with a chain. It was sucky. I wish it had happened some other way.

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