"Some things are better unsaid"

My name is Emily Santiago but I prefer Em. I'm eighteen and Engaged. I currently live in New Jersey & I'm also a bowler.


Still can’t sleep. My sister is awake and complaining about everything that comes to mind because she is cranky. Super annoying. I so badly want to sleep but I can’t. I love spending time by my dads, but it’s so hard to fall asleep. I’m currently experiencing separation anxiety and home sickness :|



These videos blow my mind every time

Well.. what the fuck do I do now?

Random thought

I never really post my own posts except on rare occasions. I really want to start writing more.

Just thinking… (Note to self)

I want to get married someday, have children, and own a nice home. I want to travel the world and maintain a degree. I want the nice things in life and an independent mind to carry out those things. Sounds like a plan and i’m ready :) - Myself